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Family Law Lawyer

Hiring a family law lawyer can be confusing because of the wide range of family matters which are encompassed in this legal niche. Family law includes divorce, separation, marriage, common law marriage, prenuptials, child custody, guardianship, adoption, name changes, foster care, parenting responsibilities, juvenile crime and domestic violence.

When retaining the services of a family law lawyer, experts suggest interviewing a minimum of three or four attorneys prior to making a final decision. Oftentimes, the need for a family law lawyer stems from chaotic situations such as domestic violence or child custody.

When dealing with dangerous situations, it is important to work with family law lawyers who can provide safety resources. In the case of domestic violence, family law attorneys can request emergency hearings in front of a judge to obtain protective orders.

Some lawyers specialize in one field of family law, while others practice in a wide range of family matters. For instance, a family law lawyer might specialize in divorce. Another might specialize in adoptions.

If your legal situation is one that requires particular skills, it is generally best to work with a lawyer who specializes in that field. However, if your legal matter is something simple, such as a name change, it might be less expensive to work with a family law lawyer who offers a wide range of services.

Prior to meeting with any attorney, it is best to create a list of questions, concerns and the desired outcome. You will also want to organize all paperwork related to the matter. This will help expedite meetings to determine if the family law lawyer is suitable for your needs.

After creating the list, it is time to prepare a second list which consists of potential lawyers. Family law attorneys can be found in a variety of ways. Your local phone directory is one of the best resources for locating lawyers in your area.

Another resource is the American Bar Association website. The ABA does not provide recommendations. However, they can help you locate lawyers who are in good standing with their organization.

The majority of family law attorneys provide a complimentary consultation to discuss your legal needs. Fees are usually based on the complexity of the matter. Some family law lawyers charge a flat rate, while others charge an hourly rate. Most lawyers require an upfront retainer. This amount is generally equivalent to 25-percent of the anticipated total bill.

For instance, if your family law attorney anticipates your legal fees will be $10,000, they might charge a $2500 retainer. This money is then deducted from bills generated throughout the duration of your case. It is crucial to understand how your chosen family law lawyer charges legal fees. Otherwise, you could end up with a bill significantly higher than you expected.

We invite you to learn more about family law, estate planning, divorce lawyers, inheritance and more in our family law article library. New articles are frequently added, so bookmark and stop by often.