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Cash Fast Offers

Cash fast offers is a phrase used amongst investors who buy houses for cash. There are many reasons homeowners need to sell their house. For many, the reason is foreclosure. Experts predict nearly 4 million borrowers will face the very real possibility of losing their home this year alone.

Cash fast offers can be the perfect solution for borrowers who obtain short sale approval. Using this technique, lenders agree to accept less than the full amount due on the mortgage loan. Borrowers who become delinquent on their mortgage payments and do not possess the financial means to become current can request a short sale through their lender.

When lenders approve short sales the homeowner is responsible for locating a buyer within a set period of time. Some lenders require a licensed realtor to handle the sale. Others will allow the borrower to sell the home on their own.

One of the best ways to sell your home fast is through a real estate investor. Few people realize they can sell their home to investors. Today, the majority of investors are paying cash for houses because lenders have tightened financial reins to the point of choking off credit.

Instead of going to banks, investors are turning to private money funding sources, or they pool resources through investment groups. Unlike traditional financing, hard money lenders can approve loans in a matter of hours or days. Cash fast offers save the seller time and money and create a win-win for everyone involved.

There is a catch with fast cash offers. Sellers must be prepared to sell below market value. Let's face it. The real estate market is in a massive slump. If you can't wait for the market to rebound, you're going to have to cut your losses and move on. Unfortunately, life isn't always fair.

I buy houses in all shapes, sizes, conditions and locations. I specialize in buying homes located in southern California. I'm also interested in real estate located in Washington, Arizona and Nevada.

If you would like to obtain a cash offer for your house, fill out the "we buy houses" form. It will only take a few minutes and doesn't cost a dime. If your house is a good fit for my real estate portfolio, I will contact you to further discuss options. If it doesn't fit, I'll share it with my group of investors.

I strongly believe in letting people know what options are available. I've talked to many homeowners who are stressed out and desperate. They are in fear of losing their home or being forced into bankruptcy.

I'll tell you the same thing I tell them. The best thing you can do is become educated about the situation you are facing. There are always solutions to every problem. When you're stressed out, it is hard to make rational decisions.

While you're waiting, take some time to browse around and get to know me. My investment article library covers a wide range of topics including foreclosure, short sales, how to write a short sale hardship letter, selling real estate to investors and much more.