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California Probate Lawyer and Estate Planning

Hiring a California probate lawyer to handle estate planning and probate matters is a wise decision. California probate code consists of eleven divisions and hundreds of pages of legalese. Very few people can fully comprehend the intricacies of California probate laws. Even fewer are qualified to officiate the probate process without legal assistance.

California probate lawyers specialize in handling legal matters associated with probate. Unless a living trust has been established, everything a person owns is transferred to probate upon their death. The probate process allows the court time to inventory property, ensure entitled heirs and beneficiaries are notified, contact creditors and pay outstanding debts.

When retaining the services of a California probate lawyer it is a good idea to interview three or four different attorneys. Whether selecting a lawyer for yourself or a loved one, it is helpful to work with a legal advisor who is well-versed in California probate laws, as well as one who is compatible with your personality.

Remember, probate attorneys handle cases of people who have died. Wouldn't you rather have your estate handled by someone who makes you feel comfortable? After all, death is a delicate subject for most people. Deciding who will receive your assets and making certain your family is adequately provided for in the event of your death requires open communication. Estate planning probate can become less stressful by working with a probate lawyer who understands your needs and family dynamics.

If you need a California probate lawyer to handle the estate of a loved one who has recently passed away, it is just as important to work with someone who fits your style. Depending on the size and complexity of the estate, you could spend a considerable amount of time working with your chosen attorney. Chances are you will be mourning the loss of your relative. Hiring a confident, competent and compassionate probate attorney can make the process a little less painful.

California probate lawyers can be located in phone directories, online directories, attorney referral networks and through the American Bar Association. Many probate law firms provide a complimentary consultation. Some lawyers charge an hourly rate while others charge a flat-fee, so make certain you understand the fee schedule prior to signing a contract.

We invite you to learn more about the probate process, estate planning probate, inheritance, probate executor and more in our all-inclusive article database. New articles are frequently added, so bookmark and come back often!