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Buy My Home

The other day, I saw a "please buy my house" sign in front of a rundown house. The sign consisted of thick corrugated cardboard and the words were scrawled using bright red paint. It was attached at a 45-degree angle to two 2x4 planks pounded into the ground.

The homeowner included "buy my house" flyers which were cleverly inserted inside a potato chip can attached to the planks by fishing line. Directly above the can was a sign with an arrow pointing downward. A laminated index card above the arrow read:"Open the can to find out why this house is such a great bargain."

Honestly, I couldn't resist. The unorthodox marketing strategy worked. I was hooked like a fish latching onto a fat, juicy shrimp. The flyers outlined everything that was wrong with the house. The roof had leaks. The house hadn't been painted in 6 years. Appliances were outdated. I have to admit, I've never seen anyone try to sell their house this way. But even after pointing out the defects, I was still interested in the property.

A second page was attached to the flyer. What I read next blew me away. The homeowner had written a story about the home. She explained how happy she was the day she and her husband crossed the threshold of their new home. She described the good times her two sons had playing in the backyard and all the family cookouts they enjoyed under the shade of the oak tree.

She went on to explain that her husband had been battling cancer for two years. They had to tap into their life savings to cover medical treatments. Eventually, the money ran out and they had to choose between medication and paying their mortgage payment. They had become delinquent on their mortgage and needed to sell their house quick or face foreclosure.

Unfortunately, this homeowner is not alone. There are untold numbers of people sitting in their house wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. When will their lender commence with foreclosure proceedings? When will the Sherriff arrive to evict them from their home? When will they find a buyer so they can move to another state and care for their aging parents? They spend many sleepless nights wondering, "When is somebody going to buy my house?"

If you are having sleepless nights and need to sell your house quick, I might have a solution for you. I'm a real estate investor who specializes in foreclosures, short sales, bankruptcy and distressed properties. I buy houses primarily in southern California, but I know investors who are actively seeking properties all over the U.S.

I invite you to list your house via the "We Buy Houses" tab on this website. Don't worry. It's absolutely free. Seriously.

Once you submit your information, I will contact you to further discuss your situation. There is no obligation, nothing to buy, no catch. However, there are only so many houses I can buy. Once I reach my limit, I won't be offering this service. My recommendation... Submit your property information now before someone else takes your spot.