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Asset Management: How to control your asset management while real estate investing

Asset management is essential for business owners and real estate investors. This system is used to maintain record of owned assets and is necessary for tax reporting, obtaining financing, and deciding when to buy and sell properties.

Investors utilize asset management software to determine return on investment for multiple properties. Reports provide cash flow forecasting, performance analysis, and benchmarking, along with monitoring risks and exposures for each property held.

Real estate investing is filled with potential landmines; especially in today's market. Investors need to take advantage of every tool available to help them assess risks and maintain positive cash flow with investment properties.

Whether investing in residential or commercial real estate, wholesaling for quick cash, or managing a real estate investment trust or hedge fund, asset management should always be a top priority. Every dime has to be accounted for to make proper assessment of performance.

Countless real estate investing asset management software is available. Nearly every major financial institution offers asset management systems which not only help investors track product performance, but can also help generate additional proceeds through investment products.

J.P. Morgan is renowned for their real estate and infrastructure program which offers investors opportunity to capitalize on the global market. Currently, J.P. Morgan holds $46.9 billion in real assets.

Bank of America is active in asset-based lending and offers investors a range of tools to improve their bottom line. BOA is one of few lenders that have the credentials to engage in loan syndication when business entities and investment groups requiring financing that exceeds $50 million. Track results of multi-million dollar investments require adequate asset management systems.

Real estate asset management consists of taking an organized approach to maintaining real assets and taking into account all aspects of financial performance. It could also be explained as a regimented and methodical way to maintain and develop properties in a way that improves cash flow.

To accomplish this requires a multitude of elements and scenarios to align. Although the list is too long to fit into an article, some of the basics include: property location; quality of building construction; legality of real estate ownership; costs associated with maintenance and upkeep; and anticipated rate of growth.

Trying to calculate the different scenarios while keeping tabs on all costs associated with each investment property is an enormous task that few people can take on without help of automated asset management programs.

Together with properly trained personnel and appropriate technology, investors can surpass financial targets by acquiring deciphered data through asset management software programs.

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Published on September 20, 2011 at 03:41 AM

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