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April 2011 Monthly Archive

April 26, 2011


Simon Volkov

ForeclosureGate is the latest term being used to describe the mortgage fiasco. In recent weeks, numerous reports have surfaced claiming banks are responsible for the chaos and that things will only get worse for American homeowners.

ForeclosureGate seems an appropriate term considering the level of cover-up, lies and deceit which are being brought to light. An investigation into the mortgage debacle began in October 2010 after Attorney Generals from all 50 states demanded answers.

Last week, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, along with the Federal Reserve completed their investigation. The report claims over $535 billion in real estate mortgages may require foreclosure review due to fraudulent loan documents.

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April 19, 2011

Family Disputes over Inheritance

Simon Volkov

When family disputes over inheritance arise it can quickly escalate into irreparable damage. Emotions are already running high when a loved one dies. Incidents that could easily be worked out under normal circumstances are magnified during periods of grief.

Family disputes over inheritance often occur when a relative dies without executing a Will. However, when a person dies intestate the estate must be settled according to state probate laws. Heirs can file claims against the estate if they have evidence they are entitled to specific property. They can fight all day over who should receive what, but if a Will is not in place there isn't much they can do about distribution of property.

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April 11, 2011

Law Suit Financing

Simon Volkov

Law suit financing is a strategy used by individuals involved in litigation, but have not yet been awarded monetary settlement, to obtain lump sum cash. Pending awards are used as collateral to secure advanced funds. Funds are usually obtained from funding sources such as private investors or cash advance providers.

The majority of law suit financing advances are funded as "non-recourse". This process is used when litigants obtain advanced funds against a lawsuit in which the verdict is undetermined. If recipients are unsuccessful in the courtroom they are not held responsible for repayment of advanced funds

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April 04, 2011

Real Estate Property Analysis Software

Simon Volkov

Real estate property analysis software is a smart tool to purchase regardless of the size of your investment business. Analyzing expenses vs. income is essential for ensuring a good return on investment. Without these types of computer programs, investors are left to calculate mathematical equations on their own which could easily equate to financial loss.

Real estate property analysis software is available for all types of properties. Whether offering residential homes for lease or rent-to-own, renovating or expanding a property, or leasing commercial real estate, it is crucial to analysis all aspects of the investment.

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