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February 2011 Monthly Archive

February 22, 2011

Family Law Attorney

Simon Volkov

Hiring a family law attorney is an important decision that should be weighed carefully. Family law encompasses many fields. Some lawyers specialize in specific areas while others offer a wide range of services. The type of attorney required will depend on individual needs.

A family law attorney can assist with marital matters including prenuptial agreements, common law marriage, separation, and divorce. They can also help with matters of child custody, guardianship, adoption, and foster care.

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February 18, 2011

Real Estate Leads

Simon Volkov

Real estate leads are an excellent way for investors to locate individuals interested in buying or selling property or real estate notes. Developing a solid list of leads lets investors quickly reach out to multiple buyers or sellers when a hot property or investment product is offered.

Generating real estate leads can be a time-consuming process, but is worth the effort. It can be more advantageous to develop a strong networking list than to purchase lists containing thousands of names. As with anything in life, building relationships yields better results than contacting strangers who aren't familiar with you or your business.

Real Estate Investing article on "Real Estate Leads "

February 10, 2011

Real Estate Owned By Banks

Simon Volkov

Real estate owned by banks refers to property that has been repossessed by mortgage lenders through loan default. It can be advantageous to seek out bank owned foreclosures because these properties are often sold below market value.

Real estate owned by banks is no different than properties listed for sale by private sellers. Banks list properties through local realtors and buyers submit offers to the bank. The majority of lenders require buyers to prequalify for lending prior to placing offers on bank foreclosures.

Real Estate Investing article on "Real Estate Owned By Banks "

February 04, 2011

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Simon Volkov

Chapter 7 is one of the six bankruptcy chapters encompassed by the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. This chapter is available to individuals, business partnerships, corporations, and other business entities who qualify for protection through the court.

Obtaining debt relief through Chapter 7 is not as simple as it used to be. Reason being, new bankruptcy laws that took effect in 2005 require debtors to repay a portion of their debts by making restitution to the court using Chapter 13 payments.

Real Estate Investing article on "Chapter 7 "