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September 2010 Monthly Archive

September 27, 2010

Property for Sale

Simon Volkov

There is plenty of property for sale, but in this day and age most people are leery of investing in real estate. With unemployment rates continuing to soar and increased lending restrictions, taking the plunge of buying investment property can be a frightening thought.

The types of property for sale range from residential homes to commercial real estate. Millions of foreclosure homes and bank owned properties are sitting vacant with low price tags to entice buyers. Even reduced prices and multiple incentives haven't been sufficient to stimulate much action in the real estate market.

Real Estate Investing article on "Property for Sale "

September 20, 2010

Real Estate Investing in California Probate

Simon Volkov

Real estate investing in California probate properties can be a profitable niche for those who take time to learn how the practice works. Probate real estate refers to property owned by a decedent whose estate is suspended in probate court. Probate is required to settle estate matters and distribute inheritance property.

Although a profitable venture, real estate investing in California probate requires more time than buying other types of investment properties. Investors should have a good understanding of how the probate process works and how to submit offers on probated realty.

Real Estate Investing article on "Real Estate Investing in California Probate "

September 13, 2010

How Does a Short Sale Work

Simon Volkov

How does a short sale work is one of the most common questions people ask. As more people face foreclosure, the need for short selling has increased. This strategy allows mortgagors the option to sell their home for less than owed on their home loan. However, short selling can lead to additional financial problems if not properly orchestrated.

In order to understand how does a short sale work, borrowers should contact their bank's loss mitigation department. Each banks' short sale policies can differ, but all require bank approval before listing the property for sale at a discounted rate

Real Estate Investing article on "How Does a Short Sale Work "