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January 2010 Monthly Archive

January 29, 2010 | Comments: 3

Good Investment Company

Simon Volkov

Locating a good investment company is one of the biggest challenges for many new investors. There is an abundance of investment firms and investment products. Many offer online services including educational tools, instant messaging chat sessions, and the option to buy or sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, etc.

The Internet makes locating a good investment company easier. Investors can browse through each investment company's product line, access educational resources, and use interactive guides to determine which investment products will yield the results to achieve desired investing goals.

Real Estate Investing article on "Good Investment Company"

January 26, 2010 | Comments: 1

Financial Planning

Simon Volkov

Many people believe financial planning is reserved for the wealthy. Others believe creating a financial plan is too difficult or they do not have enough money to save for their future. These false beliefs can prevent people from achieving their financial goals and leave them living paycheck to paycheck and praying no unexpected financial emergency occurs.

The reality is financial planning is more important today than ever before. With a weakened economy and increased cost of living, most people are worried about their financial future. Financial planning can provide a sense of relief and the opportunity to build personal wealth.

Real Estate Investing article on "Financial Planning"

January 23, 2010

First Time Home Buyer Programs

Simon Volkov

First time home buyer programs provide mortgage assistance and new home buyer tax credits to eligible applicants. Many programs exist for first time home buyers, so it is important to conduct research or consult with a mortgage advisor to determine which programs offer the best incentives and tax breaks.

One of the most prevalent first time home buyer programs is the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 which expanded first time home buyers tax credit to $8,000 for housing purchases made prior to December 1, 2009. The first time home owner tax credit was later extended by the Worker, Homeownership and Business Assistance Act of 2009 to individuals who close the home purchase before July 1, 2010.

Real Estate Investing article on "First Time Home Buyer Programs"

January 19, 2010


Simon Volkov

The word, investing, conjures up fear and uncertainly for those new to the investment game. Many investment opportunities exist including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, business entities and real estate. Knowing which direction to go can help investors build a strong financial portfolio and achieve both short and long term investment goals.

Investing can be accomplished in several ways. Individuals can establish financial investment accounts online using tools provided by their investment firm. Locating a good investment company is essential. Some of the more popular online investing companies include Fidelity, Vanguard, Charles Schwab, BNY Mellon, and Merrill Lynch

Real Estate Investing article on "Investing"

January 15, 2010 | Comments: 1

Expired Listing Letter

Simon Volkov

An expired listing letter is one of many marketing tools used by real estate investors to locate deals on homes for sale. Expired listings refer to real estate sales contracts which expired without resulting in sale of the home. When realtors are unable to complete the sale during the term of the realty contract, sellers can enter into a new contract with their current realtor, locate a new realtor, place the property on the market as for sale by owner, or remove the listing.

Realtors and investors solicit business with the expired listing letter. When properties show up as expired on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), real estate professionals can access sellers' contact and property information. MLS provides nationwide property listings to real estate agents, mortgage and insurance companies, and other realty related entities.

Real Estate Investing article on "Expired Listing Letter"

January 11, 2010 | Comments: 1

Inheritance Law

Simon Volkov

In the United States, inheritance law is governed by the Uniform Probate Code. In place since 1969, UPC is a statute that outlines what happens to assets, debts, and financial affairs of a deceased person. Currently 18 states have adopted the Uniform Probate Code in its entirety, while the remaining 32 states have adopted parts of it.

Although inheritance law varies by state, the majority adhere to similar processes. First, an estate executor must be appointed. Oftentimes the executor is appointed through the decedent's last will. If no will exists, or the appointed estate executor does not want to accept responsibility, an Administrator will be appointed through probate court.

Real Estate Investing article on "Inheritance Law"

January 07, 2010

Estate Tax

Simon Volkov

Federal estate tax is slated to be abolished in January 2010, but Senate Democrats are likely to pass a temporary measure early in the year to reinstate death tax and make it retroactive to January 1st.

At present, estate tax is assessed at the rate of 45-percent for inheritances valued above $3.5 million for individuals and $7 million for couples. Smaller estates are exempt from taxation. However, as the estate tax hangs in limbo, beneficiaries may soon find they will be charged a capital gains tax on inheritance property gifted through decedent's last will and testament.

Real Estate Investing article on "Estate Tax"

January 06, 2010

Inheritance Tax

Simon Volkov

Inheritance tax is imposed on the fair market value of an estate and charged to the individuals who inherit the assets. The amount of inheritance tax is determined by the appraised value of the estate and the beneficiary's relationship to the deceased.

Inheritance tax is governed by each individual state. Currently, ten of the fifty states within the U.S. impose inheritance tax. These include: Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Texas is the only state which does not impose estate or inheritance tax.

Real Estate Investing article on "Inheritance Tax"

January 05, 2010


Simon Volkov

Investing your inheritance can be an intimidating and overwhelming process. However, if you take time to conduct research and learn about various investment opportunities, you can benefit for many years to come.

Inheritance investments can help you reach your financial goals, so take time to develop an investment strategy. Start by composing a list of your wants and needs. Determine how much money you're going to need now and in the future. This information will help you chose investments best suited for your needs.

Real Estate Investing article on "Inheritance"

January 04, 2010

Personal Representative

Simon Volkov

Personal representative refers to a person who manages the estate of a deceased person. Estate administrators are appointed within decedent's last will and testament. If no Will exists, personal representatives are appointed by a probate judge.

A personal representative usually requires legal assistance from a probate or estate planning lawyer. Estate settlement must adhere to state probate laws and involves submitting various documents to the court. Few people are prepared to undergo the process of probate alone.

Real Estate Investing article on "Personal Representative"