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September 2009 Monthly Archive

September 28, 2009

Foreclosure Home

Simon Volkov

When it comes to buying a foreclosure home it is important to understand the pros and cons of this type of real estate transaction. While you might be lucky enough to find a foreclosed house in perfect condition, chances are high you will need to engage in physical labor to get the property back in good condition.

Before beginning your quest for the perfect foreclosure home, it is a good idea to apply for pre-qualified home mortgage financing. Doing so ensures you are qualified to buy the property and provides extra bargaining leverage when it comes time to make an offer.

Real Estate Investing article on "Foreclosure Home"

September 26, 2009

Debt Solutions

Simon Volkov

Today, many people are looking for debt solutions. They are tired of being stressed out by mounting debt and exorbitant interest rates. Millions of Americans require immediate debt help in order avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Several debt solutions exist including: budgeting, debt consolidation, debt management, debt settlement, credit counseling and bankruptcy. Each option carries its own set of pros and cons. Not all options are available to everyone. Some require debtors to meet specific criteria, while others charge fees for services rendered.

Real Estate Investing article on "Debt Solutions"

September 23, 2009

Credit Card Debt Relief

Simon Volkov

Today, millions of people are seeking credit card debt relief. In previous years, consumers who possessed good credit scores could obtain credit cards from major credit card companies, gasoline companies, airlines and department stores. Creditors with poor credit ratings could obtain credit cards from subprime lenders who charged outlandish interest rates and drove debtors into a financial grave.

Today, numerous companies offer credit card debt relief. Many offer the promise of helping debtors obtain reduced interest rates and the opportunity to slash outstanding balances. Some claim they can help consumers get out of debt in a matter of months. Depending on credit card balances, it can take consumers a decade or longer to repay outstanding debt. The promise of becoming debt-free in months is enticing, but is it realistic?

Real Estate Investing article on "Credit Card Debt Relief"

September 21, 2009

Larry Goins Real Estate

Simon Volkov

Larry Goins Real Estate is an organization focused on providing real estate investing information to both newbie and seasoned investors. Founder, Larry H. Goins has been involved in real estate investing for more than two decades. His list of accolades includes being a licensed mortgage broker, mortgage lender, and general contractor in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Larry Goins Real Estate is synonymous with real estate home study courses and investment seminars. He has become infamous for his highly popular one-on-one real estate mentoring program and all-encompassing investment seminars which are conducted nationwide.

Real Estate Investing article on "Larry Goins Real Estate"

September 17, 2009

Cash for Annuity Payments

Simon Volkov

Cash for annuity payments can be received by selling structured settlements to a cash flow note investor. Private investors and investment groups provide lump sum cash payments in exchange for assignments of annuity payments. However, it is important to understand how this type of transaction works before entering into a contact. It is even more important to scrutinize the company offering to buy structured settlement annuity payments.

Obtaining cash for annuity payments can be a complex process. In some states, the sale of structured settlements requires court approval. Therefore, it is best to consult with a professional note buyer such as Simon Volkov or a structured settlement attorney.

Real Estate Investing article on "Cash for Annuity Payments"

September 14, 2009


Simon Volkov

Executing a legal Will is one of the greatest gifts you can leave your loved ones. A Will is used to express burial preferences and name beneficiaries to receive property and personal belongings. The Last Will and Testament gives you the opportunity to have the final say in the event of your death.

A Will is also used to appoint an estate administrator. Most often this person is a family member or close personal friend. Depending on the size and complexity of the estate, some people retain a professional estate planner or probate attorney to manage their estate. It is a good idea to use the services of a neutral third party if family strife exists.

Real Estate Investing article on "Will "

September 11, 2009

Commercial Real Estate

Simon Volkov

Commercial real estate refers to a wide range of properties used for anything other than a personal residence. Commercial properties can include office complexes, shopping malls and retail outlets, large parcels of raw land intended for development, and residential housing such as apartment or condominium buildings and multi-family dwellings.

Purchasing commercial real estate is considerably more expensive than buying single family residences. Oftentimes, real estate investors will join forces with other investors to purchase commercial properties. Large properties such as apartment buildings and shopping malls generally require hiring a property manager to oversee maintenance and collection of rent monies.

Real Estate Investing article on "Commercial Real Estate"

September 08, 2009


Simon Volkov

BPO is the acronym for Broker Price Opinion. BPO's are used within the mortgage lending industry to obtain summarized property appraisals. Broker Price Opinions are used to obtain an estimated value of real estate and are not as thorough as conventional appraisals.

BPO appraisals are often used when homeowners enter into mortgage refinancing or apply for a home equity line of credit (HELOC). BPO's are frequently used to obtain estimated property values of distressed properties such as foreclosure or short sale homes. They can also be used when borrowers obtain a loan modification to avoid foreclosure.

Real Estate Investing article on "BPO"

September 03, 2009

Mortgage Refinance

Simon Volkov

Entering into mortgage refinance allows homeowners to reduce their monthly mortgage payment or obtain cash from accrued equity in their home. However, it is important to gather all the facts and shop around for the best interest rate and lowest closing costs.

The first step of mortgage refinance should be reviewing the current mortgage note. Financial experts recommend refinancing when homeowners can obtain interest rates at least 2-percent lower than what they are currently being charged.

Real Estate Investing article on "Mortgage Refinance"