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Real Estate Clubs

Real estate clubs gather real estate investors who want to learn and network. Real estate clubs are usually started by real estate agents or others who are trying to get your business and your money. That doesn't necessarily mean real estate clubs aren't worth your time. Keep in mind the motives of club organizers before you go.

Real estate clubs have grown in popularity due to the increase of home investors interested in making money by flipping houses. Increasing real estate clubs are both a blessing and a curse. More real estate clubs allow investors to find convenient meetings near their homes or target market areas. They present more opportunities to network with other serious investors to possibly form profitable partnerships. The downside is some creators of real estate clubs are only looking to produce a quick buck by selling you their products, but offering nothing in return.

Meetings of real estate clubs are sometimes held at restaurants and could include dinner paid from club dues. Others might be held in hotel meeting rooms or small conference rooms depending on the amount of members in the club. The best groups will offer a mixture of experienced to novice investors. Experienced investors are an invaluable resource, so don't be afraid to make contact with them.

As a professional real estate investor I have gone to several meetings of different real estate clubs. Before joining, I always go to at least one month's worth of meetings to get a feel for the club. Like commercials on television, sales help keep real estate clubs running. However, if the club doesn't have an equal balance of information and sales pitches they are a waste of my time.

Real estate clubs are one tool to guide you in your property investments. I have created a library of real estate investment articles as another tool to mentor investors. Aside from providing an education at no cost, my article library allows readers to learn when it is convenient for them. There is so much to learn about investing, one could spend days, months and years trying to understand it all.

If you are ready to build your investment portfolio, but aren't sure where to start, let me help you. I buy foreclosure homes, short sale houses, probate properties- you name it. My business is investing in real estate. The housing market has provided an abundance of opportunity to make money for those who know what they are doing.

Real estate clubs are a good start for novice investors wanting to make money. Investors leery of jumping in to the home investment market solo might benefit from JV deals, also known as joint venture deals.

Investors interested in joint venture deals must have cash in hand. Funding must cover the cost of purchasing the property, money for rehab or updating homes and enough cash to cover holding costs such as water, electricity, homeowners insurance, etc.

I will find and negotiate the deal for the investment property, do the rehab work, and close the sale using tried and true home selling techniques. Net profits for joint venture deals are split 50-50. JV deals provide the benefit of working with a partner who has the experience of thousands of deals. The investments tab on the website lists real estate investing opportunities for earnest investors ready to make immediate deals.

My investment group specializes in purchasing homes at wholesale prices. At the site, serious investors can register to receive a listing of foreclosed homes and bank REO properties that are available. Investors have the option of being notified by RSS feed or email.

The housing market is bottoming out. Most real estate clubs will suggest investors should purchase properties now to make the most money. There is no time to waste. Start building your investment portfolio today.

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Published on April 08, 2009 at 01:23 AM

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