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Investment Clubs San Diego

Type investment clubs San Diego into any search engine, and you'll get thousands of results. Real estate investment clubs are growing in popularity around the country, with San Diego being no exception. Properties in San Diego, with its mild weather, sandy beaches and beautiful Spanish style architectural homes, are in high demand.

Investment clubs San Diego welcomes innovative clubs to their ranks. In 2007 Eco investment clubs San Diego became the corporate headquarters to an investment club with the mission of supporting the environment by urging investors to create and use sustainable businesses, educating investors on environmentally safe business practices and networking with other eco friendly individuals. Eco investment clubs San Diego allows investors to go green while making green.

Specialized real estate clubs bring together property investors, realtors, mortgage lenders and contractors who share the same interests or values. Guest speakers present information specifically targeted for club members in San Diego.

San Diego is home to many tourist attractions such as Scripps Aquarium or Sea World. Many vacationers have made the choice to call San Diego their new home after a visit. Real estate clubs San Diego can help investors find these motivated buyers through contacts made during club meetings.

California has been hit hard by the housing market crisis. Many homeowners are trying to short sale their houses to avoid bankruptcy. Lenders are being flooded with short sale hardship requests.

Mortgage companies refuse the majority of short sales, leaving the home owners to face foreclosure. At this time banks have an excessive inventory of houses. More homes are listed every day. These houses offer opportunities property investors can't afford to pass up.

I live in and purchase property in Orange County, California. I belong to several real estate investment clubs in the San Diego area. Real estate clubs offer a wealth of information. Networking with other members can yield valuable contacts. For example, realtors can help you find comps for the area to make sure you are getting a good deal on your property investment.

Some real estate investment clubs can also include high pressure sales tactics to urge you to purchase seminars or publications. This can be intimidating for novice investors.

You can learn more about real estate investing without having to purchase a single thing. After years of attending meetings and experience in real estate investing, I have written a library of real estate investing articles that are available on the SimonVolkov website. These articles are available at no cost.

If you are hesitant about taking the plunge into property investing alone, try a joint venture (JV) deal. JV deals partner investors who have the money, but not the experience with seasoned home flipping veterans. You put up the funds to purchase the house, pay for the rehab and holding fees until the home is sold. Your partner finds and negotiates the deal for the house, builds a team for the rehab, lists the home and then sells it quickly using time tested marketing techniques. Net profits are split 50-50.

My investment team has partnered in many joint venture deals. There is a lot of profit available by flipping houses. You need to know what you are doing, have the contacts in place to do the rehab work cost efficiently and know how to sell quickly to boost profits.

Real estate investing is my business. My investment group specializes in investment properties in the process of pre-foreclosure, short sales, foreclosure, fail out of bankruptcy and even homes in the probate process. We are based in Southern California but we purchase properties all over North America. We understand how the courts work and know the due process.

If you are a serious investor who has the money to buy a house now, go to and look under the investments tab. There are several property investments listed that may fit into your investment budget. Keep in mind these offers are not stale REO listings. These notes are for earnest investors ready to purchase immediately.

Now is the time to build your real estate portfolio. We can help. Go to the SimonVolkov website and read the real estate articles to learn what you need to know to get started. The housing market will soon hit bottom. Start building your investment portfolio today.

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Published on April 14, 2009 at 02:06 AM

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