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Inheritance Cash Advances

Inheritance cash advances aren't loans. There are no monthly payments to pay back. Inheritance cash advances don't have to be repaid by heirs at all. The estate repays the lender once it has been probated.

Inheritance cash advances supply money to beneficiaries of estates immediately. When a loved one dies, their estate goes into probate unless the decedent created an irrevocable living trust. The probate courts ensure the validity of the Last Will and Testament of the deceased, but the courts main purpose is to ensure creditors are paid before heirs.

The first in line for repayment is the federal and state governments, then the court fees including any attorney fees and finally any debts owed by decedents are paid. Whatever money is left over is divided amongst the heirs according to instructions in the Will if there is one.

The probate process can drag on for months and even years. After probate, heirs can end up with nothing. Inheritance cash advances allow heirs to sell their claim of their loved one's estate to investors. The investors will pay the heirs and be listed as a creditor to the estate. The investor's claim will be for more than what was paid to the heir. This is how investors recoup their money.

Investing in probate properties or offering inheritance cash advances is too risky for traditional lenders. If the probate process drags on too long the investor runs the risk of losing some, if not all of their investment.

Heirs are not responsible for the debt of inheritance cash advances even if the investor isn't repaid by the estate. Getting an inheritance cash advance is a way for beneficiaries to trade the risky opportunity of more money in the future for the sure, lesser amount right now. As the saying goes, a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

Inheritance cash advances can provide the money you need to pay off debts or cover medical bills from your loved one. Unlike bank loans, inheritance cash advances do not have to be a long complicated process. I provide inheritance cash advances through the Simon Volkov investment group. We can provide a lump sum payment to you in as little as three weeks. Simply click on the cash for inheritance form and a specialist will contact you in 48 hours.

There is a way to get your inheritance before the probate courts take it all. Fill out the form today.

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Published on April 26, 2009 at 02:16 AM

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