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Divorce Lawyer can Help Sell your Real Estate Portofolio to Simon Volkov

Few people want to hire a divorce lawyer, but with one of every two marriages ending in divorce, chances are you might need one. While the decision to file divorce is painful, lack of appropriate legal counsel can leave divorcees in dire straits.

Retaining the services of a good divorce lawyer is a necessary part of the process. While there are plenty of law firms and attorneys who specialize in divorce and family law, it is important to choose one with experience in your type of divorce.

Couples who have created a financial portfolio or hold real estate together, will want to work with divorce lawyers possessing a background in these fields. Divorcing couples with children should consider hiring attorneys well-versed in family law. When partnerships dissolve and no children are involved or there are no financial assets, a less-expensive divorce lawyer may be all that is required.

Both prior to and during divorce proceedings, you will spend considerable time with your attorney and their staff. The majority of work will be handled by a paralegal. Therefore, when hiring a divorce attorney, arrange a meeting with the members who will be handling your case. For most people, divorce is a stressful and emotional time. It is important to work with people who suit your personality and can guide you during this difficult transition.

One of the best ways to locate a qualified divorce attorney is to ask friends and relatives for a referral. Divorce law firms and private lawyers can be located in your local phone directory or online via sources such as You can also contact the American Bar Association by phone or by visiting their website at

Experts suggest interviewing a minimum of four divorce lawyers. Most attorneys provide free consultations. Depending on the complexity of the divorce, divorce attorneys may charge a flat fee or an hourly fee. The majority of time, an hourly fee is charged and rates can range from $150 to $375 per hour, or more. For obvious reasons, you will want to hire a lawyer who is proficient with their time. Otherwise, you could end up having to file bankruptcy.

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Published on September 02, 2008 at 04:56 AM | Comments: 1

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I agree. Selling real estate of divorcing parties can be one of the most sensitive but often necessary steps to finalizing a divorce. Liquidity is often required to equalize the final distribution of community property and unfortunately liquidating at least part of the parties' holdings is usually the answer.

Legal Services | January 10, 2011 9:43 PM


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