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Pre Foreclosure

Do you have a cash flow problem? Insurmountable debts? Trouble with your mortgage? Foreclosure could be just around the corner unless you act now.

If you have debt trouble or a just a problem paying your monthly bills, you may be at risk of foreclosure. Yes, skip one payment on your mortgage and your lender is entitled to seize your property. Perhaps you're already in pre-foreclosure after defaulting on one or more payments.

Chances are, if you are facing financial problems, you're going through a major life change as well. You may be distracted from thinking about your financial problems by unemployment, illness, divorce, or even death. You may be devastated by the thought of loosing your property. But foreclosure won't go away and if you don't make timely decisions about the situation, you'll lose your home, your credit, and your cash flow.

Unfortunately, as you may already know, foreclosure has a devastating effect on your credit. You may want to abandon your property, but you can't afford to walk away empty handed. Stopping foreclosure is definitely worth it to preserve your credit rating, but you can't afford to tie up your cash flow at the same time.

Mortgage note buyers and brokers are in the business of helping home owners whose defaults on loan repayments are pushing lenders to pre foreclosure and foreclosure. Selling you real estate note means you get an instant cash flow, you preserve your credit, and you dispose of your property without the bank seizing your assets. The only catch: you need to act fast to get the best deal.

When it comes to pre foreclosure, is your first and last stop for buyer notes, structured settlements, real estate notes, and mortgage note selling. If you have a property in pre-foreclosure and if you're in the foreclosure process, don't wait. Call today and find out how Simon Volkov can help you get cash now and safe your credit when you're in pre-foreclosure. The process is simple, fast, and convenient. Just fill out the appropriate forms at as accurately as possible then make sure you have all of your documents ready and on hand so when I call we can go over everything quickly.

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Published on August 26, 2007 at 08:01 AM

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