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When Short Sales On Real Estate Is Your Only Option

Ready to walk away from your property? Looking for cash now? The short sale of your real estate may be the solution to your cash flow problems.

More and more people have creative financial plans that tie up their cash flow and undermine the value of their money. Yes, interests rates are soaring; loans and mortgages are all people can do to raise cash. In the end, people can't afford their homes and they're defaulting on monthly payments. The only options remaining, none of them attractive: walk away from your home and ruin your credit or consolidate your debt and renegotiate your mortgage repayments. If you walk away from your property, facing bank foreclosure, you ruin your credit and risk stopping up your cash flow as well.

So how do you dispose of real estate you can no longer afford without shattering your credit history?

Perhaps you've heard of distressed properties; real estate in foreclosure on which the seller owes close to or sometimes more than the property's original estimated value. A lot of the time, such properties are sold for less than their full market worth. The lender, whether a bank or a third party, is owed so much money, they make a compromise on the repayment amount to receive even part of the actual they're owed.

Why do you need to know about short sales?

If you're looking to get fast cash and neatly dispose of a real estate property you no longer want, short selling your property may be the way to go.

Call our offices now to make it happen. Opt for the short sale of your real estate and save yourself and your lender time, money, and stress.

The immense resources and skills of an experienced private investor can dispose of your property without embarrassment or hassle, preserve your credit, and even get you cash to cover emergency expenses.

Don't wait visit us now to find out more.

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Published on July 17, 2007 at 08:05 AM

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