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Promissory Note | Buyer Note | Probate | Short Sale | REO Expert

Promissory note experts who buy distressed properties in foreclosure and Bank REO's. We provide individuals facing foreclosure a short sale solution to liquidate their real estate (SFR) single family residents and start over fresh, stress-free from this huge financial burden weighing them down. We help banks and financial institutions liquidate their real estate portfolios and provide investors with sound real estate investment opportunities.

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Our primary goal is to help:

  • Individuals who need to liquidate their Real Estate:

    Foreclosure, Probate, Seller Carry Back, Promissory Notes,
    Bankruptcy, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, Short Sales

  • Banks and Financial Institutions who want to sell Real Estate Portfolios:

    Non Performing Loans, REO's, Real Estate Owned

  • Investors who are seeking Real Estate deals:

    Homes for Sale, Flipping Houses, Rental Properties,
    Houses for Rent, Real Estate Investing

It's important to understand your money is worth more TODAY than it will be in the future. The rising cost of living plus inflation are two major reasons this is so true. As money will probably never grow on trees, we will all have to work harder to get (and keep!) what we want.

Every generation sees a fundamental change in the way they organize their finances. Most of us view change as a threat, and survival is our goal. Yet, we work too hard to accept just getting by as our primary goal.

As a private investor I can buy just about anything I think is worthwhile for me and my associates. We can structure a sophisticated, yet simple, solution for you and/or your clients' Real Estate Notes, Promissory Notes and Seller Carry-Back Trust Deeds. I may be able to provide you with a LUMP SUM payment that funds in a short period of time.

Pre-foreclosure stage is when you really need to plan ahead to take action. First, call the financial institution that holds your mortgage to figure out a plan that works. Second, take action and move quickly. Remember, the bank wants you to stay in the house. The bottom line is doing something NOW.

Individual homeowners, I understand that having your home foreclosed will be detrimental to your credit. I have helped individuals stop-foreclosure through a process known as a Short Sale and helped liquidate real estate quickly and painlessly. Most people think filing Bankruptcy is the answer. I do not wish this method for anyone.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy laws have changed recently and they are not favorable to individuals. But, if you do file bankruptcy and fail out of bankruptcy then give us a call to buy your real estate immediately.

I understand that Emergency CASH is never on hand when you need it the most, but if you plan for the emergency beforehand it can make life a little easier. Sounds simple, but few people do it. What happens if you have a death in the family and the Estate goes into Probate? This is a long process and most of the times confusing and complicated to the heirs.

Probate court and attorneys have a judicial obligation to liquidate and disperse the estate in due process. Siblings arguing over the estate can escalate attorney fees and delay the probate process. This is where we excel in the probate process by purchasing from the heirs real estate, cars, boats, planes etc… to simplify the process smoothly.

The rest is up to you. Make sure you go to the Note Forms page at and fill out the form that fits your needs exactly. Please provide all of the correct information as accurately and up-to-date as possible.

This is very important. Make sure you have all of your documents ready and on hand so when I call we can go over everything quickly. At this stage in the evaluation process -- there is no charge. That's right -- it's free. Once we agree to terms and condition there will be some small administrative charges (i.e., Title Search, Credit Report, Collateral etc...)

So what are you waiting for?

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